Blight Wars

With their leader gone and the Celestial Gate shattered, the human armies withdrew from the Shining Wall and returned back to the southern lands.

Here we see the first divisions amongst the non-human races. Most of the elves chose to stay and the guard the wall, forming the first High Houses. Some chose to wander into the woods, turning their backs on a war torn world and vanishing into their forest homes.

The dwarves kept to their mining tunnels, while the little peoples built small villages where they could fine peace from the roaming beasts that scoured the once Demon-torn lands. To the west, the orcish peoples crossed the mountains, and roamed once again through the unforgiving desert as their ancestors did.

It was decades until the first humans were seen again near the wall; at first, small handfuls of stragglers, shot down by the elven archers on the wall before they even knew what hit them. Then as weeks rolled by, larger groups began to approach the walls, children and supplies in tow. Cries falling on deaf ears, the elves saw no threat, but neither would they let them pass. And so the human refugees camped outside the wall, awaiting a dark threat that none would listen to.

It first appeared as what seemed to be an impossibly early winter. The trees and grasses on the outside of the wall began to wither and brown while still in the summer months. Over the passing weeks, the earth itself almost seemed to die; changing color to a greying dust instead of a healthy brown dirt. At each sign did the humans beg for entrance; but were denied.

It was only at the last moment that the humans were granted succor. In the dead of night, all could hear a terrifying wailing across the night. And then, over horizon, did the elves see the coming darkness. An army of grey bones, rotting flesh, and living mist crawled across the land; the undead walked the earth.

Blight Wars

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