Melkath's Folly

Decades pass…

His great victory had landed him the position of High King over the land, and much power over the domain of man was given to him.

None could challenge his power, for he was forever bound to the Celestial Gate, and no one man could ever stand against that awesome strength; Melkath stood unopposed amongst all.

Amongst the cosmos, the Celestials stood victorious as well. Without the Demon Gate, the Demons no longer had a powerful influence, and were easily held back by the forces of the Heavens. Their influence began to spread over Terravion; lawfulness and purity imbuing itself firmly into society, while chaos and corruption were stamped out without hesitation.

Tied to the Celestial Gate, Melkath was affected most of all. He began to see the purity in himself above all things; anything that was different was less pure then he. And ever so slowly, did war begin again…

At Melkath’s command did the humans of Terravion turn on the other mortal races. While outnumbered, the humans stood with Melkath’s power behind them, and so they pushed them ever farther to the north, into the war-torn lands leftover from the Demons loss in the Outsider Wars.

It was there, far from the Celestial Gate, that the non-humans were able to begin holding ground. In the mountain ranges spread along the north, the dwarves discovered a new metal in vast quantities: Adamantine. To thwart their human aggressors, an alliance of dwarf and elf formed to build a barrier against the humans. With dwarven skill and elven magics, the mountains were nearly emptied of their metal, but in turn, the non-human races build a fantastical wall of solid adamantine; a Shining Wall.

None truly know what happened after the building of the wall. The most prevalent theory from what has passed on from what small scraps were recovered from the ancestors of the survivors, was that Melkath was furious with his armies inability to pass the wall. For the first time since the Outsider Wars, Melkath drew upon the full power of the Celestial Gate, vowing to bring it down to the earth from which its shining metal came.

But Melkath’s heart had long ago turned from hope to obsession, and purity to hatred. Touching the power of the Heavens directly with such a dark soul was impossible. Unable to control it, the Celestial Gate shattered; shards of it flying to ends of the earth. An explosion roared across the land, and when the dust settled, the capital of the southern lands was naught but dust on the wind…

Melkath's Folly

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