Outsider Wars

The land was created as a battlefield.
Whether to purposefully give their war substance, or as accidental backlash of power, is unknown.

Two forces, the Celestials above and the Demons below, battled for eons. And then on a day like another other, a bang of power clashed through the cosmos, and in between their two realms, stood a new place: Terravion.

New peoples soon grew on this land; humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, orcs, gnomes and more. Both sides of the war saw only pawns to tip the final balance in their favour. Both sides found they each had one gate formed to this place; a gate in the south leading to the Heavens above, and a gate in the north leading to the Hells below.

From the gate in the north did monsters from the Hells pour forth, enslaving all that they found.
From the gate in the south did monsters from the Heavens pour forth, charming all that they saw.

And for hundreds of years did they fight using their new mortal proxies. Until the rise of the human archmage known as Melkath. An archmage of the purest soul ever then known, he saw a way to end this war.

Using magics hitherto unknown, Melkath did bind his power to the Celestial Gate. Thus able to call upon the very power of Heaven itself as a source, Melkath was able to strike at the heart of Demons power, and cracked the Demon Gate asunder, ending the Demons ability to send their forces into this world.

And lo, for the first time there was peace in the world of Terravion. But it was not to last…

Outsider Wars

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